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Rudolph Grey - Mask of Light

Rudolph Grey, Ed Wood biographer/guitar noise genius, released this Thurston Moore produced album on New Alliance Records in 1991 ("Executive production" credited to Ecstatic Peace!). Definitely something fans of Borbetomagus should drool over - and not just because Jim Sauter plays on 2 of 3 tracks.

1) Mask of Light (recorded at the Musique Action '90 festival, Vandoeuvre, France, May 26, 1990). Rudolph Grey - Guitar, Jim Sauter - Saxophones, Rashied Ali - Drums

2)Implosion - 73 (second version). Rudolph Grey - Guitar, Rashied Ali - Drums

3) Flaming Angels (Variation) - Rudolph Grey - Guitar, Rashied Ali - Drums, Jim Sauter - Saxophones, Alan Licht - Guitar

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p.s. For whatever reason you can buy this OOP CD from Amazon.com market place for 1 penny. Yep, just $0.01. I opted for the pricey $0.60 shrink wrapped copy. You can also buy the Blue Humans' Clear To Higher Times for the same price (Blue Humans were an improv group revolving around Rudolph Grey, often in collaboration with Alan Licht, Tom Surgal and Arthur Doyle).